The website reports on the progress of six ‘live’ investment trust portfolios with yields ranging from around 2% to over 6%, including same-day details of trades and their new portfolio weightings – the last website update being on 20 July 2016.

Four of the portfolios reflect an investment journey over time and so are named after the seasons. Spring’s objective is capital growth via an all-equity portfolio. Over time, the bond and other asset weightings increase to both generate a higher income and to help diversify holdings and so protect past gains. Winter finishes with a yield of 6.1%.

In addition, the Thematic portfolio focuses on special situations and undervalued sectors, whilst the Dividend portfolio seeks a high sustainable yield and strong income growth from mostly mainstream equities and yields 5.4%.

Whilst never complacent, all portfolios are performing well relative to their respective benchmarks. The Rationale page has a statistic summary of the six portfolios and brief overview of the website’s other pages.

Visitors may find my book ‘The FT Guide to Investment Trusts’ of interest. Since 2009, I have also reported on the Summer and Autumn portfolios in my monthly Investors Chronicle column (where they are called ‘Growth’ and ‘Income’).

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